At Imogen Hope, our philosophy is to create products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment, by using fabric that is organic or made with 100% recycled fibres..

In the past century, our planet has become inundated with plastic waste. Though often used in mass design, plastic doesn’t degrade biologically and remains for hundreds of years, polluting our oceans, endangering rare species and threatening our health.

But with the progress of modern technology, we now have alternatives and at Imogen Hope we choose to use fabrics recycled from this accumulated plastic, as well as recycled polyester and clothes.

There are some things only the earth does best and we celebrate its invaluable resources by combining our 100% recycled fabrics with high quality, organic textiles such as GOTs certified cotton and hemp, all sourced from within Europe.

At Imogen Hope, because we don’t want to encourage overconsumption, we create artistic, design pieces that, even in the smallest quantity, add personality to any space.

With the creation of further interior products, our approach will always remain as environmentally, human-friendly and transparent as possible, and we are continually on the search for pioneering sustainable materials. 


Organic Cotton 

With a low environmental impact, this 100% organic cotton certificate GOTS is made in the Netherlands and grown using no pesticides or insecticides and only irrigated by using rain water.

We use two types of organic cotton - one finer and another slightly larger weave.


Recycled Fibre

This textile has different names but the most common is recycled polyester. It is made using 100% recycled fibres composed of recycled polyester fibres, old clothing and used plastic bottles.

The fabrication process of recycled polyester creates 75% less CO₂ emissions than virgin polyester.

Recreated on a microscopic level, this recycled fabric does not differ from the original and is equally resistant, as well as maintaining flexibility, softness and a slightly downy touch.

There are several different textiles made with this composition - ours is microfibre polyester with GRS-certified (Global Recycling Standard).

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Our hemp is cultivated, woven and dyed in Romania.

Hemp is a naturally organic fabric as no pesticides or insecticides are used in the crops. In fact, the cultivation of hemp improves soil health by replenishing vital nutrients and preventing erosion. These fabrics kill bacteria, making them naturally anti-microbial, have the best heat capacity ratio compared to all other fibres, merge easily with dyes and do not discolour easily.