Imogen Hope

Raised between France and the UK, Imogen has travelled across Europe, Myanmar, India and Latin America taking inspiration for her art and design. After gaining experience in the fashion and textile industries of Paris and London, Imogen set out to explore her passion for Anthropology, notably indigenous, taking up related studies in Bordeaux then Lima, where she grew particularly fond of Quechuan culture.

From 2018, IH spent time living in Barcelona where she studied Textile Design, as well as establishing herself as a painter. There, her first art collaboration was with the boutique hotel, Retrome.

From the very beginning, when IH set out on this journey a decade ago, her intent was always to combine her underlying passion for interior design with sustainability. After years of acquiring enriching experience, 2020 is the year that Imogen Hope finally comes to light.

IH looks forward to creating further products for interiors, all maintaining key elements - diversity, authenticity, exploration and sustainability.