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The essence of my art lies in experimentation - one that at times can be incredibly spontaneous yet in others meticulously calculated. In some instances, rigorous planning takes place until I begin painting and lose myself in the flow of intuition. Depending on my feelings, the inverse can be true, where I let rip at the beginning and then add the finishing touches with excruciating attention to detail.

Soon after my first canvas in 2018, I began painting directly onto different types of fabric other than the traditional canvas - the effects created are more delicate and nuanced, and I enjoy the unpredictability of the process. With a desire to always push my own boundaries and at the same time be more resourceful, I use the leftover paint on my palettes to make colours that I wouldn’t usually choose - colour being the first point of inspiration in making my artwork and from which I build the form. 



I love to paint freely and not set up concrete intentions, riding on the shapes, movement and colour that appear in my mind. If I have quite a clear idea on what I hope to achieve, be adaptable in the process and open to what happens. « Error » is never a thing, if anything that’s where the best discoveries lie, if you pursue in pushing it. Especially not to get hung up on something that comes out differently to how I imagined. An exercise that helps reinforce the mentality I have in day-to-day life.

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The ever-changing experimenting and exploring in my creative process  is also encouraged and inspired by the different spaces I have had to adapt to in my moving around, therefore influencing how I work. For example, I currently don’t have access to a typical studio space so instead, I use different rooftops of Barcelona to play and create.

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Music plays an integral role in my work, especially in dance. Generally a useful tool in creativity, it inspires me to explore even more areas both in my body and imagination. Movement in the line and form of my paintings appeared long before I began dancing, as if subconsciously I was already paving the way to my natural transition into exploring my own physical movement, and now one of my current project “Ki” that combines both painting and dance.



The visual can be so powerful that, supported by the perception, experience and imagination of each individual, it provokes an emotional and thoughtful reaction linked to all senses. By obtaining a pictorial profundity where all senses intertwine, one can create an experience that is personal and stimulating.


Continually with a thirst and curiosity to discover and study the world, I strive not only to translate my experience in a universal language of visual, musical feasts, but also be able to transmit its richness, complexity and spirit with the hope that, in some way, it might awaken and illuminate others.