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All the designs derive from my artworks - this series Freedom In Confinement is a triptych, originally painted with acrylic onto cotton canvas. 

The pieces can work individually, in a pair or as a trio all dancing together.

All cushion fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled fibre made with recycled polyester, old clothing and used plastic bottles.



Freedom In Confinement



Inspired by dance in both concept and aesthetics- its flow, dynamic movement and the energy exchanged between entities- this series plays with the balance of space and movement, exploring the contrast of cool and warm colour tones, open and closed organic lines and shapes.



In the search for both physical and mental freedom during confinement, my admiration for dance turned into a passion and an essential part of living. Although the triptych of paintings was made prior to this period, the name of the series, from which the cushion collection is derived and photography, were inspired by this experience. 


The names chosen for these pieces come from Quechua - an indigenous language family from the central Andes, primarily spoken in Peru. 

Sunqu - Heart

Micha - Energy 

Kawsay - Life/Infinity