Art, Design & Textile


All In the process

The essence of my art lies in experimentation - one that at times can be incredibly spontaneous yet in others meticulously calculated. In some instances, rigorous planning takes place until I begin painting and lose myself in the flow of intuition. Depending on my feelings, the inverse can be true, where I let rip at the beginning and then add the finishing touches with excruciating attention to detail.

I particularly enjoy experimenting with different fabrics and using them as a support, other than the traditional canvas. The difference in texture, density and tone of the surfaces create an unpredictable play with the acrylic paint and the results can often be inspiring, leading me onto further experiment and discoveries.




Authenticity and diversity

In a world where digital art increasingly dominates, my goal is to reclaim the wonders of traditional art techniques by making designs that instead preserve the complexity and intricate textures and nuances of the original artworks themselves.

As a painter and designer, both approaches instinctively work together and inspire one another in the process of making my pieces, allowing more freedom for creativity and innovation. This happens in all stages of the creative process - the initial creation of the painting itself, fusioning the artwork with textile design and in the final photographic presentation.



The visual can be so powerful that, supported by the perception, experience and imagination of each individual, it provokes an emotional and thoughtful reaction linked to all senses. By obtaining a pictorial profundity where all senses intertwine, one can create an experience that is personal and stimulating.


Continually with a thirst and curiosity to discover and study the world, I strive not only to translate my experience in a universal language of visual, musical feasts, but also be able to transmit its richness, complexity and spirit with the hope that, in some way, it might awaken and illuminate others.

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Attention to detail

Having acquired multidisciplinary experience in the art, design and artisanal fields, I aim to offer products that combine these three facets. - Enthusiastically exploring artistic freedom, acute attention to detail and artisanal finesse, while maintaining an innovative design approach and tying all together with a firm eco-conscious ethic.

My latest collections - L'Amuse-Bouche and Freedom In Confinement - are derived from a watercolour painting on paper and a triptych painted with acrylic onto a cotton canvas.


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In the flow of expression when making my first paintings, I found certain forms to be naturally reoccurring - the droplet shape is one of them.

The droplet represents water and in Indian culture, amongst others, symbolises the source of life - this being the essence of my own artwork. as well as its organic appearance in my creative process, are reasons why I chose it to be the symbol of Imogen Hope.


The droplets are made in brass and all I stamp myself by hand - each cushion is adorned with an IH droplet.


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