Initially inspired by the tropical fauna and flora of Brazil -a country and culture close to my heart - I chose to marry my two beloved environments - the Tropics and the Mediterranean in an artistic, design collection that plays with tones and textures to create a percussion of vibrant patterns. 


In the photographic presentation, I  further developed the idea adding nuances of each regional cuisine - alternative title  - When the Mediterranean and the Tropics meet... in the kitchen.

Sandía was my very first cushion design and represents the beginning of my story, this inspired the title of the collection - L'Amuse-Bouche - combined with the cuisine elements.


This design derives from one of my painting on paper experiments made using watercolour, drawing the colour palette from Brazilian toucans. 

All cushion fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled fibre made with recycled polyester, old clothing and used plastic bottles.