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Project 気 Ki

Accompanied by selected rhythms of music, I move spontaneously through space, collecting, creating and shaping energy. In form of authentic gestures, the music inspires an opening between interior and exterior worlds of the body, canal and meeting ground where different vibrations assemble – the collected energy in the space and time of movement, as well as the soul’s archaic experience and body’s cellular memory. All energies come together in an ephemeral act of dance and painting, expressing themselves in harmony to create a permanent material trace in the form of spirited brush strokes, that give pictorial evidence to the belief of animism.


I began performing in the summer of 2021, when looking for a studio where I could develop my paint / dance project. In my searching, I discovered the art and music platform, Clhub Art, who proposed I perform the experimentation publically at their next event taking place a few days following. Lover of rooftops and spontenaeity, I seized the opportunity, thus giving light to my project Ki 気 and inspiration for another ongoing project - Freedom In Confinement.

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Ohla hotel, Barcelona


Performing live studies is an experience in itself - The energy of the public and that of the moment is often highly stimulating and exciting, albeit sometimes overwhelming. These factors influence a research different to the kind undertaken in a private space, the outcomes however can be just as interesting and have continually let me to new ideas and discoveries.

Although I have grown fond of performing and will continue developing pieces publically, I wish to continue my investigations in a private space and further expand the conceptual areas of my projects.