The name Sunqu means heart in Quechua - one of the last remaining indigenous language families of the central Andes, mostly spoken in Peru.


All designs derive from Imogen Hope’s own artwork. This series Freedom In Confinement was inspired by dance and  originally a triptych painted in acrylic onto cotton.  


Each collection is made with carefully selected organic cotton and high quality recycled fibre made with recycled polyester and used plastic bottles. 


The designs are printed by sublimation, a method that requires no water and therefore has less impact on the environment. All pieces are printed in Spain and assembled in France.


The hand stamped brass droplet is a recurrent shape in IH’s artwork, a symbol that represents water – the source of life.



128,00 €Price
  • Front Side 100% Recycled fibre - More info

    Back Side 100% Organic cotton

    Hand stamped brass droplet with brass zip

    Hand Wash Only